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Bate Bate

samedi, 13 mars 2010 11:00
  1. TIPA I MANAVA (Linda PUIA / Stephen PUIA)
  2. BATE BATE "GHUPO STYLEE " (Linda PUIA / Stephen PUIA - David LE ROY)
  3. MA 'ANU (Linda PUIA / Stephen PUIA)
  4. ISLAND GIRL (Stephen PUIA / Stephen PUIA)
  5. PESE MAI "AVAIKI CLUB REMIX "(Linda PUIA / Stephen PUIA - David LE ROY)
  6. I REMEMBER YOU (Linda PUIA / Stephen PUIA)
  7. MANATU AU (Linda PUIA / Stephen PUIA)
  8. AGOHA (Stephen PUIA / Stephen PUIA)
  9. OCEAN OF DREAMS (Linda PUIA / Stephen PUIA)
  10. TAKU PAPA " TAU'A MIX "(Linda PUIA / Stephen PUIA - David LE ROY)
  11. FUNA EA (Rights reserved)
  12. BATE BATE (Linda PUIA / Stephen PUIA)
  13. PESE MAI (Linda PUIA / Stephen PUIA)
  14. TAKU PAPA (Linda PUIA / Stephen PUIA)

Musicians :

Music arrangement: Stephen Puia
Music programming: Danny Fa'arodo
Guitars: Stephen Puia
Bass: Danny Fa'arodo

  • Lead & back-up vocals : Linamoana -Stephen Puia
  • Guest vocalists : Gilasi (Ocean of dreams, I remember you & Pese mai) - Eddie Fiti (I remember you) - Eddie Teika (Ma'anu) - Monica (Pese mai)
  • Rap : Johnny T (Tipa i manava - Dwayne (Island girl)

All songs recorded by Danny FA'ARODO at Melanesian Studio, Honiara, Solomon Islands except

  • BATE BATE "GHUPO STYLEE ", PESE MAI "AVAIKI CLUB REMIX " and TAKU PAPA " TAU'A MIX " programmed and arranged by David LE ROY In perpignan, France, mixed by Derek METIVIER at Tenvor, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • BATE BATE , FUNA EA and TAKU PAPA" programmed, arranged and mixed by Peter OFA at Bamboo Digital, Solomon Islands.

All tracks mastered by Derek METIVIER.

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